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Stay passenger, why goest thou by so fast?
Read if thou canst whom envious Death hath placed
Within this monument, Shakespeare,
With whom quick nature died:
Leaves living art but page to serve his wit....

In my opinion, William Shakespeare is the most distinguished, accomplished poet of all time. I admire him greatly because his brilliant words captured my interest when I was in 6th grade; I did my book report on 'The Merchant of Venice'. From then on, Reading Shakespeare's has been one of my activities I do in my spare time.

Some would have the overwhelming sense when they read Shakespeare's plays because they were written in old English. Most of the time I have a handbook with me to help me understand some of the verses. I read the plays at my leisure time, so I don't feel compelled that reading the plays is a duty.

It's no wonder why so many people love reading and quoting those lines. Even D.H. Lawrence had something to say about Shakespeare:

"When I read Shakespeare I am struck with wonder
that such trivial people should muse and thunder in
such lovely language."
--D.H. Lawrence

Even though my original idea of this page was to post my favorite Shakespeare's quotes, I felt obligated to post his brief chronology, otherwise the page would lack the essence of my tribute to his works.


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