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I've been gathering quotes from each of Shakespeare's plays that I have read over the years. You might hear some of them quite often. You also might agree that they are quite extraordinary verses that can easily capture your interest. If my favorites happen to be the same as yours, I can only say 'great minds think alike, and so do ours'....:-)

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Here's Flowers for you:
Hot lavender, mints, savory marjoram,
The marigold that goes to bed with the sun
And with him rises weeping....daffodils
That come before the swallow dares, and take
The winds of March with beauty; violets dim
But sweeter than the lids of Juno's eyes
Or Cytherea's breath; pale primroses
That die unmarried, ere they can behold
Bright Phoebus in his strength; a malady
Most incident to maids; bold oxlips and
The crown imperial; lilies of all kinds,
The flower-de-luce being one.




"My advocation is not now in tune;
My lord is not my lord; nor should I know him,
Were he in favor as in humour alter'd,
So help me every spirit sanctified,
And stood within the blank of his displeasure
For my free speech! You must awhile be patient:
What can I do I will; and more I will
Than for myself I dare: let that suffice you." --Desdemona



A Midnight Summer's Dream

"Call you me fair? that fair again unsay,
Demetrius loves you fair: O happy fair!
Your eyes are lode-stars; and your tongue's sweet air
More tuneable than lark to shepherd's ear,
When wheat is green, when hawthorn buds appear,
Sickness is catching: O, were favor so,
Yours would I catch, fair Hermia, ere I go;
My ear should catch your voice, my eye your eye
My tongue should catch your tongue's sweet melody.
Were the world mine, Demetrius being bated,
The rest I'ld give to be to you tranlated.
O, teach me how you look, and with what art
You sway the motion of Demetrius' heart." --Helena

Richard III

I had an Edward, till a Richard killed him;
I had a Harry, till a Richard killed him;
Thou hadst an Edward, till a Richard killed him;
Thou hadst a Richard, till a Richard kill'd him.
--a victim complaining



A Midnight Summer's Dream

Love can transpose to form and dignity:
Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind:

Venus and Adonis

"O learn to love; the lesson is but plain,
And, once made perfect, never lost again." --Venus

Love comforteth like sunshine after rain,
But lust's effect is tempest after sun;
Love's gentle spring doth always fresh remain,
Lust's winter come ere summer half be done;
Love surfeits not, Lust like a glutton dies;
Love is all truth, Lust full of forged lies.--venus

As You Like It

It is to be all made of sighs and tears.
It is to be all made of faith and service.
It is to be all made of fantasy,
All made of passion and all made of wishes,
All adoration, duty, and observance,
All humbleness, all patience and impatience,
All purity, all trial, all observance. (Of love)


"Came there for cure, and this by that I prove:
Love's fire heats water, water cools not love."

O learn to read what silent love hath writ:
To hear with eyes belongs to loves' fine wit.



The passionate Pilgrim

"If love make me forsworn, how shall I swear to love?
O never faith could hold, if not to beauty vowed:
Though to myself forsworn, to thee I'll constant prove:
Those thoughts, to me like oaks, to thee like osiers bowed." --Cytherea

"Love hath forlorn me
Living in thrall;
Heart is bleeding,
All help needing,
O cruel speeding
Fraughted with gall,

Love's Labour's Lost

When the suspicious head of theft is stopp'd:
Love's feeling is more soft and sensible
Than are the tender horns of cockled snails;
Love's tongue proves dainty Bacchus gross in taste:
For valour, is not love a Hercules?
Still climging trees in the Hesperides?
Subtle as Sphinx; as sweet and musical
As bright Apollo's lute, strung with his hair;
And when love speaks, the voice of all the gods
Make heaven drowsy with the harmony.

Troilus and Cressida

O heart, heavy heart,
Why sigh'st thou withut breaking?
Because thou canst not ease thy smart
By friendship nor by speaking.


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